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White Fillings

Match your natural tooth colour

White fillings are made up of acrylic resin composite that comes in varying shades of white to match the natural tooth colour. The composite is gently moulded and bonded into teeth cavities where it acts as a filling to protect weakened teeth. Composite bonding can also be used to treat chipped or injured teeth, to reshape teeth and for use in smile makeovers.

Unlike amalgam fillings they are made to match the existing tooth colour for a natural smile, and contain no mercury and require much less drilling. The white fillings Liverpool based service is provided to private patients and is located on Rodney Street, Liverpool.

How does white filling treatment work?

A local anaesthetic may be used, but is not always necessary, depending on how much treatment you are having so no pain is felt. The teeth will be fully prepared for the filling and will be cleaned and any decay removed. Old amalgam fillings will be removed ready for the white composite fillings.

Once the shade of white has been chosen the fillings are bonded onto the teeth using a special gel and light system to set the filling in place. The filling is then shaped on the tooth and polished to fit in with the rest of the smile.


Strengthen enamel

They are pleasing to the eye and much more cosmetic, while still being very durable and strong as well as being able to strengthen tooth enamel and support the rest of the tooth.

Improved appearance

They are very hard to spot and often invisible. So no one will know that you have fillings because they blend in with the natural teeth.

Who is suitable for white fillings

Most people who have cavities in their teeth would benefit from white fillings. If you are unhappy with your amalgam fillings, then this would be a suitable replacement treatment. White fillings also work well for tiny holes in the teeth or when teeth are misshapen. They can improve the overall look and health of the teeth whilst providing protection against tooth decay. We can talk through the suitability of treatment during the consultation process.

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