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Cut the costs of your private dental care.

Are you considering a Dental Plan that could brighten your smile and improve the health of your teeth for years to come?


Denplan Essentials is an easy way of keeping up the habit of regular check-ups with your Dental Practice, so you’ll always get expert advice about keeping your teeth in great condition and avoid any dental-related surprises. Your plan also includes dental x-rays and hygiene treatment.

What are the benefits?

Why Denplan Essentials is so good for you.


With Denplan Essentials, you don’t need to wait and worry about dental problems happening suddenly, although if they do, were always here to help. You can get peace of mind today.

With an emphasis on preventive care including advice, examinations and hygiene treatments, your plan helps you and your practice team to sport and avoid dental problems before they happen.


Denplan Essentials also works seamlessly with Denplan Supplementary insurance, our worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover which you can add to your plan for just 60p per person per month.


Denplan Essentials highlights:

  • Budget Wisely and protect yourself from dental problems and extra costs later on

  • Benefit from cover for check-ups, dental x-rays, access to hygiene treatment and expert advice

  • Enjoy better dental health

  • Feel better about your dental hygiene with scaling and polishing included in your plan ,enabling you to smile with confidence

  • Up to 20% off any general dental care i.e. fillings

How does it work?

The amount you pay for Denplan Essentials is decided by our dedicated team of professionals.


Please note: The Denplan Essentials Contract is between you and your dental practice. Your plan covers you for preventative advice check-ups and hygiene appointments with our practice team.


Any Denplan Supplementary Insurance Cover you choose to buy with your plan is provided by Simplyhealth Access.


Denplan Essentials is a great way to avoid dental problems, while spreading the cost of preventive care.

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For more information or to sign up please contact us on 0151 709 9146 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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