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Headache Treatments

It may be a problem with your mouth...

Fed up of being told “it is all in your mind?” Or “there is nothing wrong with you?”

Not many people know that often persistent recurrent headaches can be due to problem with the jaw joints, bite or tooth clenching or grinding. Here at Impact Dental we have successfully treated many patients using our Headache Treatments via:


  • Balancing their bite with T-Scan computerised bite analysis

  • Splint Therapy

  • Orthodontics (braces to straighten teeth)

  • Botox to relax overly strong jaw muscles

If you are suffering with constant headaches that do not go away and reoccur, it is advisable that you visit our team for a proper analysis of your condition, where we can advise you on possible Headache Treatments. Constant headaches may be a sign that you have a health problem which needs to be diagnosed and treated.

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